Novus Rehabilitation

About Us

Novus Rehab is a team of experienced health care professionals who provide rehabilitation services to our clientele following injury or illness; most often this work occurs after a motor vehicle accident.

Legislative changes in automobile insurance policies often make it difficult for people to understand and manoeuvre the system. Our caring staff will provide assistance at all levels so that you receive the treatment that you need and can focus on getting better. We collaborate with your insurance company, legal representative, workplace/school and treating practitioners to ensure that you and your family are fully supported. In most cases, your treatment is fully funded by your automobile insurance.

Our clinical staff work across Southwestern and Central Ontario, essentially from the Toronto area to Sarnia/Windsor and north to Owen Sound.

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Our Values

Service Excellence: We support the appropriate care, delivered when needed by experienced and technically excellent clinicians.

Respect: We celebrate the uniqueness, individuality, and diversity of each of our clients, our clinical team members and our care partners.

Integrity: We are honest, accountable, trustworthy and ethical in all our interactions.

Commitment: We work tirelessly to support our clients in achieving their visions of wellness.

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Our Vision

At Novus Rehab we are committed to supporting our clients and their families through care that is based on clinical excellence with a human focus.

Clinical Excellence:
Our Services

  • Are provided by experienced and highly capable clinicians
  • Are based on superior industry knowledge
  • Include skilled application of the most current research evidence and technical knowledge for each involved professional

Human Focus:
Our Interactions
  • Focus on the unique story and life experience of each client and family we support
  • Demonstrate a truly empathetic understanding of the impacts that injury/illness can have upon a person
  • Display the genuine enthusiasm we feel for our role in your recovery