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Novus Rehab therapists specialize in both adult and paediatric rehabilitation. We offer assessment and treatment for all levels of injury in a variety of different capacities. Some of our most common services have been listed below; if you have a need that is not listed, just give us a call. In the unlikely event that we are unable to provide a specific service, we have the community connections and expertise to connect you with those who can assist you best.

As one of the area's most trusted providers of specialized rehabilitation services, we take the responsibility of providing your treatment needs seriously. We are referred to with confidence by hospital personnel, the legal community, employers, therapists and insurance adjusters. You can also call us directly.

No matter what your injuries are or where you are in your injury recovery journey, you can rest easy knowing that your therapy is being carefully managed by an exceptional team of qualified and caring professionals.

Assessment of Attendant Care Needs icon

Assessment of Attendant Care Needs

In Ontario, qualified accident victims may receive the Attendant Care Benefit, which is used to offset the cost of hiring an aide or paying a family member to help you care for yourself after an accident. If you have been injured, you may need assistance with some of your personal care tasks such as bathing, dressing, grooming, using the bathroom, prosthetics care, dining, or managing your medications. The amount of available Attendant Care Benefits and duration of payment depends on the nature of your injuries.


In order to collect the Attendant Care Benefit, an Assessment of Attendant Care Needs (Form1) must be completed by an Occupational Therapist or Registered Nurse. It is a standardized examination of your ability to perform basic and essential personal care activities. The activities that you require assistance with will be itemized, and the associated costs will be detailed.


Once your unique needs in the area of self-care, hygiene and safety have been identified by the Assessment of Attendant Care Needs, your Novus Rehab therapist will then support you in arranging the required care in your community.

Chronic Pain Treatment icon

Chronic Pain Treatment

Chronic pain refers to pain that has persisted for more than 3 months; it can be intermittent or ongoing, can occur anywhere in the body, and can range from a mild annoyance to a severely debilitating condition.  Your work and family time, your relationships and hobbies – in fact your entire quality of life – may be affected if you are suffering from chronic pain; you may also become discouraged and frustrated.


For this reason, treatment often involves a multi-disciplinary approach. This means you may be involved in any combination of the following therapies:

  • Occupational Therapy interventions
  • Progressive Goal Attainment Programming (PGAP)
  • emotional support through Psychology / Psychotherapy / Social Work
  • addressing workplace ergonomics
  • exercise therapy with a Kinesiologist or Rehab Therapist
  • other therapies related to your unique requirements


Our diverse clinical team will partner with you using specific and professionally delivered care. We have a working knowledge of pain treatments that will help lessen your chronic pain symptoms and allow you to get back to enjoying life.

Cognitive Demands Analysis icon

Cognitive Demands Analysis

A Cognitive Demands Analysis is an assessment used to objectively measure the cognitive, emotional and psychological demands associated with a specific job. It may include information about the:

  • pace of work / pressure of deadlines
  • level of multi-taking or complexity of the work
  • amount of supervision expected / required
  • potential for exposure to confrontational situations
  • need for travel or irregular hours
  • repetitiveness of the work
  • level of reading / mathematics / written communication required
  • exposure to distracting stimuli


It is important to remember that the focus of a Cognitive Demands Analysis is on the job itself, not the worker.  The assessment provides professionals involved in return to work planning with a tool to identify obstacles and suitable work accommodations for employees with cognitive work restrictions. A Cognitive Demands Analysis will permit the matching of employees to a specific job with respect to their cognitive function in order to achieve successful and sustainable employment.

Community Reintegration icon

Community Reintegration

At Novus Rehab we appreciate the impact that serious injury or impairment can have on your ability to participate in the community. Supporting you as you return to activities that add meaning to your life is a key component of our care.


Community reintegration can take many forms depending on what your interests and goals are:

  • trips to the grocery store or bank
  • dining at restaurants
  • doing some shopping
  • participating in sports, such as golfing
  • visiting the library


Our team has a great mix of professionals to offer diverse and innovative approaches to your community reintegration.  We are excited to have a role in assisting you as you return to the activities that are important to you.

Complex Case Management icon

Complex Case Management

A Case Manager will support you extensively during your recovery in many different ways. They understand the nature of your injuries, the impact of these injuries on your life, and how to make your rehabilitation as stress-free as possible. If you have been injured your energy and focus should be on getting well again. At the same time, you will have entered unknown territory where a lot of decisions will have to be made.  


The Case Manager role is designed so that you can depend on an experienced and knowledgeable professional to assist with whatever your individual circumstance requires:

  • preparation of your home so that when you leave the hospital, any equipment, devices or services that you need will be in place
  • working with you to build an effective team of therapists with goals that matter to you
  • assisting with insurance / workplace benefits paperwork
  • coordinating your medical services, appointments, and transportation if needed
  • acting as a link between yourself, medical professionals, insurance adjusters, lawyers, employers, or school – whichever is appropriate in your situation
  • helping with reintegration when it is time to return to school, work, or the community
  • providing education to yourself, family members and care partners about your injuries and options for rehabilitation


Your Novus Rehab Case Manager will partner with you and your family so that you know what to expect every step of the way. They will concentrate on taking care of the day-to-day details so that you can focus on what matters to you – getting your life back.

Convalescent Care Co-ordination icon

Convalescent Care Co-ordination

Sometimes you are well enough to leave the hospital, but not quite ready to return home. Convalescent care is a short-term residential service for those who no longer need acute hospital care but who require additional support which they cannot receive at home. You will be given time to recuperate and the opportunity to recover your strength, endurance and functioning to prepare for your eventual homecoming.


We will collaborate with the hospital staff, your family, funding sources, and the convalescent care facility to make your transition as smooth as possible.


Our goal is to move you safely, with the least disruption to your recovery schedule, and at the right time in order to reduce your risk of re-admission to hospital. Your specific needs and physical condition will be taken into account and an individualized program of transition will be put into place.

Ergonomic Assessment icon

Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomics is a scientifically based discipline that looks at how people interact with the various systems that they come into contact with. In simple terms, ergonomics identifies how planning and design can optimize well-being and overall performance.


Our Ergonomics staff can meet with you at your home, job or any other meaningful environment you identify. They will conduct a thorough clinical assessment and provide you with clear, understandable and applicable recommendations. Some of the things they will look at include your posture, work speed, repetitious movements, and your physical or cognitive limitations. In practical terms this might mean supporting the proper seating position at a computer workstation or installing an anti-fatigue mat so that standing is not as draining.


Once the comprehensive assessment is completed, implementation of recommendations will be coordinated.  We will work with you to help make your environment (whether it is work, home, or leisure) fit your unique needs so that you can  participate with less effort, greater ease and more comfort.

Exercise Therapy icon

Exercise Therapy

You know that movement and exercise are important to your physical and emotional health. Exercise can also help with pain control through muscle strengthening and flexibility. After an injury, however, you will want to make sure that you are exercising with the correct form and in a way that is safe for you.


Exercise Therapy with a Kinesiologist or Rehab Therapist will start with the development of a personalized program with realistic and achievable goals while considering your injuries and fitness level.  They will work in partnership with another primary health care professional such as an Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist and will focus on maximizing your rehabilitation objectives safely.


Novus Rehab staff can provide exercise therapy in your home, at the gym, and even in the community. Your therapy will be one-on-one and individualized for you. Our goal is to help you find activities that you enjoy that also progress your recovery safely and improve your range of motion, strength, endurance and functional tolerance.

Functional Abilities Evaluation icon

Functional Abilities Evaluation

A Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE) is an assessment of a person’s physical abilities and limitations relative to work and daily activities. It is sometimes referred to as a Functional Capacity Evaluation.


The FAE can be used to:

  • determine your ability to return to work
  • help with choosing future employment options
  • assist in disability or income replacement benefits determinations
  • plan future treatment interventions
  • evaluate your recovery


During the FAE you will participate in a series of physical tests to objectively measure your functional abilities in such areas as lifting, pushing, pulling, sitting, standing and general mobility. Your safety is an important part of the evaluation. Although you cannot “pass” or “fail” the FAE testing, it will provide information about the level of effort you put into it.


The FAE assessment typically takes 4 – 5 hours on day one, and in some cases you will be tested again the second day for a further 3 – 4 hours.  A report will be generated to summarize the information collected during the assessment and address any questions requested by the referral source.

Home Safety / Accessibility Assessment icon

Home Safety / Accessibility Assessment

Your home is your castle; it is where you feel most secure and comfortable. Sometimes after injury or illness, however, your home may contain significant barriers to your recovery, wellness and safety.


A Novus Rehab Occupational Therapist can provide a specialized Home Safety and Accessibility Assessment that identifies the safety risks and accessibility issues in your home. As well, they will offer specific and clear recommendations on how to remedy these concerns.


Some of the recommendations that might be made include:

  • the provision of grab bars to reduce danger of falling
  • raised toilet seats or similar in-home equipment
  • improving shower entry
  • widening doors
  • adding lighting
  • removing clutter or throw rugs
  • installing ramps or stair-lifts
  • the installation of transfer devices or equipment for moving from sitting to standing, to get out of bed, or to enter and exit the shower


Other recommendations may include the modification of your home and sometimes even the building of a new home. Our goal is to ensure that where you live is safe, accessible, and able to meet your individual needs.

Hospital Discharge Planning icon

Hospital Discharge Planning

When it is time to leave the hospital to return home, all you want is to get there and get settled! You don’t want to worry about the details. At the same time you may be concerned about how you will deal with your daily life without direct medical support.


Around the time of your hospital discharge there are many factors that must be considered, such as:

  • are there stairs or other barriers to your mobility?
  • will you be able to get around the house to do the tasks that need to be done?
  • what about groceries, meal preparation or home maintenance?
  • how do you get to appointments if you are unable to drive?
  • will you need help with your personal care?
  • any other factors depending on your injuries


A Novus Rehab Occupational Therapist or Nurse Case Manager will ask these questions and provide solutions. They will take the guesswork and anxiety out of your return home by partnering with you, your family, and the hospital staff to enable the best possible transition home for you. Your current living situation will be assessed and changes will be recommended to allow you to more easily cope with your recovery at home. Our goal is to have you as functionally independent as possible, while reducing the risk of further injury.


After your transition home, your Occupational Therapist or Nurse Case Manager will often continue to work with you to ensure that your rehabilitation is progressing and to help you manage any new challenges that may arise.

Job Site Assessment icon

Job Site Assessment

A Job Site Assessment involves an objective on-site evaluation that looks at the unique demands of the job and considers the various physical requirements that are involved with the completion of each task.


The assessment will include consideration of factors such as:

  • the postures, movements, forces, repetitions, and loads of each job task
  • the physical environment in which your work occurs including your work area, the tools or equipment you might use and the overall layout of your place of work
  • the ergonomics involved in your work area
  • environmental factors including, but not limited to, temperature, noise and lighting
  • the skills required for job performance


Just as importantly, we look at the “people” side of every job. We consider the pace of your work, performance expectations or quotas, your breaks and how they are scheduled. We are available to talk with your supervisor, your co-workers and your union representative to learn more about your job and what it takes to do it well.


At Novus Rehab, our Job Site Assessment will offer you or your legal advocate a well-defined understanding of your job expectations. We will provide clear reporting to identify all of the factors that may impact your potential job performance so that readiness for work re-entry and successful return-to-work programs can be developed.

Kinesiology icon


Human movement is important, and your ability to move is central to enjoying a full life.


Kinesiologists are experts on human movement and body mechanics:

  • they specialize in preventing and managing injury
  • they recognize the factors that limit and enhance your capacity to move
  • they examine how the human body moves and how it can function better


A Novus Rehab Kinesiologist is a registered health professional. They will partner with your Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist to develop a highly specific and targeted program to treat your injury. Their focus may be on the improvement of your strength, range of motion, motor control, posture, balance, mobility, endurance or any combination of these. Your therapy will be delivered on an individual basis and will be customized to consider your abilities and interests. Because you will learn safe movement mechanics, your recovery time is often faster and pain can be reduced. You will enjoy better overall health and wellness.


Kinesiologists also specialize in ergonomics which trains them to assess your home office or workplace for function and safety. Recommendations will be made to optimize your physical well-being, productivity and performance.

Occupational Therapy icon

Occupational Therapy

The term Occupational Therapy is often misunderstood. Because the word “occupational” usually means job-related, many people assume an Occupational Therapist (OT) will assist them with employment issues. But actually, the role of an OT is to help you regain independence in any and all of your daily activities – especially those you struggle with.


Whether it be self-care, household chores, parenting, school, work or even leisure, barriers to “the job of living” will be identified.  Practical solutions to your specific challenges will have you participating more fully in your home, work, school and community. For example:

  • your environment may need to be adapted
  • you may need specialized equipment
  • the task itself may need to be modified
  • learning a new skill may make the activity easier for you to manage


If you have obstacles in any aspect of your life following an injury or impairment, your Novus Rehab OT can help. Together you will develop step-by-step strategies so that you can resume the meaningful activities that are important to you. Think of an OT as your personal life coach with very specialized skills!  


Novus Rehab Occupational Therapists are qualified and experienced working with both adults and children.

Physical Demands Analysis icon

Physical Demands Analysis

A Physical Demands Analysis is used to objectively measure the physical requirements necessary to perform the essential duties of a job.


At the worksite, the job is broken up into individual tasks. A variety of standardized testing equipment is used to look at and measure the physical component of each task for elements such as:

  • task frequency/ repetitiveness
  • duration of the task
  • positional requirements to complete the task
  • dexterity requirements
  • mobility requirements
  • weights of equipment and/or materials
  • tools used
  • amount of force required
  • environmental hazards such as temperature or vibration


Although the PDA is intended to evaluate the job and not the worker, it will also reveal whether a potential worker has the medical, mobility and critical strength to safely work in a specific job. Because physical risks will be identified and further injury can be avoided, the PDA is integral for a rehabilitation program such as return-to-work or work conditioning.

Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP) icon

Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP)

The Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP) is a standardized 10-week program that is designed to address specific barriers to rehabilitation. It is used to identify and treat those who may be at risk of developing a chronic disability resulting from pain.


Some of the barriers that are addressed include psychological factors like your individual thoughts and behaviors (such as fear of pain or re-injury) and also social factors (such as difficulties with work/school or personal relationships).


Your participation in the PGAP Program will improve your quality of life despite having pain. You will learn how to take the focus away from your pain, reduce your feeling of disability and increase your activity level and enjoyment of day-to-day living.

Psychotherapy icon


Everyone wants to feel “happy”. We want to learn about ourselves and how to manage our emotional difficulties. The explosion in the popularity of books on self-improvement and happiness shows that it is a common goal for each of us.


If you have been struggling with the effects of an injury or impairment, you may find that you need a sounding board or a listening ear to help you decipher the life changes that have occurred. You may want to talk about the issues that impact you and get support with processing them.


Your Psychotherapist will seek to understand your values and goals in relation to your life situation. Together you will work on promoting your personal growth, changing negative patterns of behavior, and overcoming your difficult thoughts and feelings.


Because Psychotherapy is targeted to support your unique needs, treatment may be short-term or long-term. Sessions are available in English and Polish.

Rehabilitation Therapy icon

Rehabilitation Therapy

Working on your recovery from an accident or illness can be demanding and stressful. There are times when you just need a helping hand for support. A Rehabilitation Therapist (RT) operates under the direction of other health care professionals to work with you on whatever goals are important to you.


Need help in re-learning your shopping skills? No problem.

Want to learn to use the bus again? Done.

Need support in re-learning skills in your home? We’ll be right there.


Your RT will partner with you on your schedule and according to your needs. It may be once a week, twice a week, or even every day. No matter where you decide you would like your sessions to take place (for example at the gym, in the library, at the coffee shop) we will provide services that are tailored to you.


Your rehabilitation journey is personal and unique. Sometimes just spending time with a friendly face is what you need to improve your mood, self-confidence and motivation.  As you move forward on your path to recovery and wellness, you can rely on the steadfast support of your Novus Rehab RT to provide encouragement every step of the way.

Return to Work / Work Hardening icon

Return to Work / Work Hardening

Return To Work

Whether you are resuming a former position or developing a new career, our Vocational experts will assist you in getting back to sustainable employment safely and successfully.


When returning to work at a former job, you will often need to do so gradually. Novus Rehab will put a transitional plan into place whereby you start back at reduced hours and/or modified duties. Your Return to Work plan will be customized to your needs and abilities. It will outline your hours and days of work, job tasks, specialized training or other modifications/equipment necessary, and will be specific to a defined period of time. Once your Return to Work has begun, we will continue to check in with you and your employer so that all parties can ensure that your plan is progressing as expected.


In the event that you are unable to return to your previous employment, we will partner with you to explore other options. We respect the importance and relevance of your past achievements and work life. Because we are open to innovation, we will support creative placement experiences that will allow for your capacities and potentials to be fully realized.


We want to help you to define your future in returning to work!



Work Hardening Program

A Work Hardening Program is designed so that you gradually increase your tolerance for the demands that are associated with productive employment. It may mean muscle strengthening exercises, increasing your physical endurance or even working on cognitive exercises so that you re-gain the necessary function to make your return to work successful.


Your customized Work Hardening Program will be structured around your individual criteria and often includes the simulation of work tasks. Whether you are planning a return to your old job or considering a totally different career, the goal is for you to be well equipped so that you can be confident in your successful transition into active employment.

Social Work icon

Social Work

If you have experienced trauma through a motor vehicle accident or other injury, you may be feeling anxious, overwhelmed or discouraged. A Social Worker can help you with the emotional adjustment to injury or illness. You will be equipped with problem-solving skills and coping strategies for your particular stresses and concerns.


A Social Worker will also provide counselling on any other matters including financial pressures, family relationships, work and parenting. Educating your family on the best way to support you is an important component of treatment, as is helping you to access government, legal, family and community resources to further your recovery.


Together with your Novus Rehab Social Worker, you will learn helpful, practical approaches to managing your specific worries and difficulties. By learning to recognize your personal strengths, you will be able to draw from them so that you are well-prepared to navigate the challenges that you face today and in the future.


Social Work services are available in English and French.

Transferable Skills Analysis / Labour Market Survey icon

Transferable Skills Analysis / Labour Market Survey

Transferable Skills Analysis

Transferable skills are abilities and skills that you acquire and develop in one job, which can be relevant and helpful to a different job. Sometimes people think of them as “portable skills” because they can be transferred to future employment settings.


If you are unable to return to your previous employment, a Transferable Skills Analysis can be used to determine what other vocational options would be a good fit for you. The Transferable Skills Analysis will take into consideration your:

  • employment history
  • education level
  • aptitudes (what you like to do), such as hobbies and interests
  • limitations (what is difficult for you to do)
  • abilities (what you can do well)


Your individual profile will be carefully studied and compared to a variety of potential employment options. Because your personal characteristics, acquired skill base, career objectives and physical abilities are taken into account, a Transferable Skills Analysis will provide information about your future employability as well as outline suitable alternative work options. It is a very valuable tool when considering return-to-work preparation.


Labour Market Survey

Once appropriate work options are identified in the Transferable Skills Analysis, the next step is to explore the availability of the work options in your area. Generally speaking, the “labour market” denotes the interaction between the supply (number of people available for work) and the demand (number of jobs available) and the wage rate.


A Labour Market Survey will research potential employers specific to your identified work alternatives. Current labour market information will be outlined, including job availability, job demands, and salary factors.

Vocational Assessment / Counselling icon

Vocational Assessment / Counselling

Vocational Assessment


If you find yourself unable to return to your pre-injury employment, it may be unclear what path to take with your career. A Vocational Assessment will identify realistic vocational goals and will provide information about prospective job options.


Standardized tests are used to measure factors such as your skills and capacities, aptitudes, interests, work experience and preferences as well as any limitations or restrictions. The resulting Vocational Assessment will include potential job recommendations and any support such as coaching or environmental modifications that may be indicated.


A Novus Rehab Vocational Assessment is a tool that will enable you to choose a career or role that is meaningful, enjoyable, interesting and uniquely matched to you.


Vocational-Legal Reports are also available in the event the Loss of Employment Potential and Loss of Earning Capacity need to be determined following an injury or impairment.


Vocational Counselling


Now that the Vocational Assessment has identified suitable alternatives, these options will be thoughtfully reviewed and explored with you. We will help you choose which path to pursue according to your goals and interests, and provide support through each step of the process.


Vocational Counselling can take many forms, depending on your individual needs:

  • exploring various employment options with you
  • assisting you in choosing which employment to pursue
  • teaching you how to write a resume / practicing interview skills with you
  • identifying and arranging re-training or continuing education
  • investigating and monitoring volunteer work placements if appropriate


Our primary objective is to equip you with the relevant skills and resources to reach your aspirations relating to work, volunteering or education.

Wheelchair / Mobility Assessment & Device Prescription icon

Wheelchair / Mobility Assessment & Device Prescription

Sometimes an injury or impairment will limit your mobility. In these cases, an assistive device such as a walker or wheelchair is indicated. Highly specialized equipment that supports safe and comfortable seating may also be required. Our goal is to enhance your mobility, improve your positioning, prevent pressure sores, and maximize your function.


The first step towards getting back your mobility is a Seating/Mobility Assessment. Your Novus Rehab Occupational Therapist will assess your physical and functional status and will recommend the most current and appropriate equipment. If a mobility device is clinically indicated, we will instruct you on its best use and enable a trial period to ensure that your comfort and needs are being met.


While you might get around a bit differently if you require a mobility device, we will walk you through each step until you feel comfortable and confident. We support your safe transition to independence, whatever that may look like for you.


As Authorizers with the Ontario Assistive Devices Program, we can complete all required documents related to device prescription and funding (if indicated).

Clinical Case Review icon

Clinical Case Review

At Novus Rehab we understand that not every situation works out ideally. Sometimes a second opinion or an independent review brings new clarity in dealing with a problem or concern. Our collective expertise and years of experience in providing care enable the provision of meaningful analysis whatever the nature of the case.


In the completion of a Clinical Case Review, a comprehensive evaluation of the clinical case and all related documentation occurs. This is followed by a critical analysis of all assessment, treatment and intervention. A focused report written in plain language is provided to the referral source enabling the material to be easily shared with all stakeholders.


Our Clinical Case Review services will give you the assurance and peace of mind that comes from knowing what has worked well and what might be improved. We will deliver professional clarity with a non-judgmental and clinically driven approach.

Life Care Planning / Future Care Cost Analysis icon

Life Care Planning / Future Care Cost Analysis

A Life Care Plan/Future Care Cost Analysis is a report designed to expertly predict the cost associated with the current and long term needs related to your accident. It provides information about the injuries/illness that you sustained, the potential consequences of your condition and the projected cost of your related care over your lifetime.


Examples of the types of costs that may be identified include:

  • ongoing treatments
  • mobility aids / assistive devices
  • unique transportation needs
  • medications and supplies
  • personal care
  • home accessibility renovations
  • facility costs
  • retraining / vocational support
  • alternate / adaptive recreation


If you are permanently impaired after your accident, the “what if” and “how much” questions related to the costs of care over your lifetime become very significant. Adequate funds will need to be set aside to prepare for your future needs and assist with potential settlement negotiations.


The Novus staff who provide this type of report are Canadian Certified Life Care Planners (CCLCP) which means they have met the rigorous standards of the International Commission on Health Care Certification. Consultation will occur with you, your family, your rehabilitation team and your medical specialists. A highly comprehensive and detailed professional assessment will be conducted and a defensible report provided. Our Canadian Certified Life Care Planners can be confidently relied upon to produce an accurate and complete representation of your anticipated future needs and costs using sound medical foundation.

Medical / Legal Assessment icon

Medical / Legal Assessment

Determining and defining the implications of serious injury following an accident is a vastly complex process. Independent specialized consultation allows for much needed clarity.


Because we understand that special attention is required in legal cases or in situations with significant potential for litigation, you can be confident knowing that we take the responsibility seriously.


Our Medical/Legal Assessments encompass:

  • careful review and analysis of all current and historical information
  • our assurance to meet the standards necessary for acceptance at trial
  • timely examinations and reporting to expedite case progression and resolution
  • reports that are evidence-based and without compromise
  • highly specific and customized analysis to fully meet your requirements
  • expert witnesses who are experienced in arbitration and trial


Novus Rehab works with insurance carriers, disability management facilities and law firms to provide detailed Medical/Legal Assessments that are unbiased, credible and defensible.